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"At exit 613 of Ontario Highway 401, you’ll always find the Islamic Centre of Kingston open and ready to serve the spiritual needs of all travellers passing by"


Since back in 1996 when the Islamic Society of Kingston established the Islamic Centre of Kingston, our community has expanded so much that it has grown far beyond the centre’s current capacity. So, we began thinking of how to accommodate the overflow of the prayer area during Friday prayers, Eid prayers, and community functions and at the same time see how we can expand our services to the community. And we thought of making ...

A new Multi-Function Hall!

5-week campaign till April 1st 2018

To start construction of the ICK extension, we need $1 Million CAD (overall total project cost is estimated at $2 Million). Over the past 2 years, we managed to raise $600,000 Alhamdulillah. But, we can't delay construction any further. The Kingston community really needs the extension now, as it is masha'a Allah exponentially growing and the current space is just not big enough for us.

So, we've taken it upon us to raise the remaining $400,000 by April 1st 2018

Can you help out!

Building Block Campaign

The main component of the extension to the Islamic Centre of Kingston is a multi-function hall, which will insha'a Allah not only be used for extra prayer space, but for sports, dedicated classrooms, and as a hall for community events.

It will take up about 40% of the overall extension cost, which is $800,000. To cover this cost, we have divided it into 800 symbolic building blocks, each for $1000.

That's right ... we're making it easy for 800 reward seeking donors to come together and raise the needed funds for this integral part of our extension project!

Your contribution to the future of Kingston's Muslim community can be with a symbolic building block for $1000 CAD (approx $800 USD). That's a Sadaqah Jariyah that will continue benefiting you for many years

Whether you donate a building block or make a general donation, please donate generously

Now, if you can afford more than one building block ... that would be great; may Allah SWT reward you for that.

جزاكم الله خيرا