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June 13, 2016.

Islamic Society of Kingston condemns mass shooting in Orlando.

The Islamic Society of Kingston joins other Muslim and humanitarian organizations around the world to condemn the devastating mass shooting in Orlando last night. Our prayers and condolences are with the victims, their families and those close to them. The sanctity of human life is very explicitly taught in Islam with the Qur’an teaching us that whosoever takes a life indiscriminately, it is as if s/he has slain all of humanity, and that if anyone saved a life it is as if s/he has saved all of humanity. The protection of life is a fundamental principle of our faith and we stand against any attempt to link such heinous crimes to our faith. We commend those emergency responders who have exerted much effort in treating those injured as well as the many people in the surrounding community who have responded to the call to donate blood. It is especially heartbreaking to see such devastation in this blessed month of Ramadan, a month of mercy, forgiveness, and peace.

We live in a community of a diverse humanity, and our differences should be a source by which our community is enriched, not as a source of hatred leading to violence. Every soul has the right to live free from violence, harassment or intimidation. The Islamic Society of Kingston stands with all our fellow citizens in condemning hate and violence in any form.

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